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1000 Bricks


Coming back to the place where I spent most of my childhood to find that the landscape has been destroyed and urbanised, a massive concrete bridge stretching over the landscape, cutting through the forest, the field, the river. 


I was unable to recollect what the place used to look like.

I was left with pieces of memories. 

The new landscape was in the process of transition,

I photographed the highway before it was finished and put into use. The dystopian aesthetic intrigued me, which put me in a conflicted position, in between sadness for what has been lost and photographic fascination with the visual contrast between the dead material of concrete and the innocence of the nature. 


The document of 1000 pieces of photographs represents the thousand bricks

I went to collect with my father, after the builders took down the house where he and the two generations before him were born. 


The floating landscape further changes its shape, its peaks and valleys, as the exhibition progresses. 

Group show Over Capacity at CGP Dilston Grove, London, January 2018


A0 size digital print on bamboo silk

 composed of 1000 frames of pieces of images

 colour negatives developed individually in the darkroom

 family archive images printed as cyanotypes


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